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Device Lock Technology

Boost Your Device Financing Business with Datacultr's Device Locking Solution Phone Lock Mobile Lock Solution

Payment defaults, financial risks, and declining revenues hampering your business growth?

Datacultr presents the ultimate solution with its advanced Device Lock platform. Trusted by industry leaders including top financiers, telecom operators, and device retailers, Datacultr’s technology adeptly manages millions of smartphone assets daily.

Secure your business, overcome challenges, and achieve remarkable growth with the reliable and efficient innovation of Datacultr’s solution.

Key Features of Phone Lock

Robust Device Lock

Our strong Device Lock technology ensures unparalleled security, safeguarding devices from potential breaches at multiple levels.

Diverse Payment Alternatives

Grant customers a wide array of payment options, encompassing payment apps, wallets, and USSD-enabled methods

Consistent Communication Channels

Engage your customers through over 20 distinct communication formats, ensuring you're always connected with your customers

Tailored Experience

Customize the Device Lock to align with your brand, offering a smooth and distinct user experience

Extensive Device Compatibility

Support ranges from Android smartphones, and Android Smart TVs to Google TVs ensuring comprehensive compatibility for diverse user preferences.

Configurable Business Guidelines

Design a device locking and communication strategy that resonates with your business. For instance, telecom service providers can launch SIM-Usage-based business rules, that can lock devices in case of non-compliance.


Key Benefits

Remote Locking

Ensure missed payments are made, by remotely locking the device

Superior Payment Security

Safeguard your financial investment

Minimized Payment Delinquencies

Reduce payment lag and defaults

Promote Responsible Repayment Practices

Boost customer trust and ensure consistent repayments.

Efficient Collections

Simplify and hasten the payment recovery process

Expansive Business Growth

Amplify your device financing business exponentially

Smart tv

Lock for Smart TVs

Now get the same security and device locking capability on Android Smart TVs. It not only locks the TV, it disables all remotes, including universal remotes. Financiers can personalize the TV lock screen’s title and description, ensuring a direct and effective message delivery to end customers. Noteworthy is the persistence of the TV lock functionality, remaining effective even when the TV is switched on or off.

This innovative solution spans Android 10 to the latest Android 14 versions, providing comprehensive coverage. Additionally, the system allows for the proactive dissemination of payment and lock reminders through tailored messages.

Prominent Use Cases

Device Financing

in Retail Outlets

Telecom Operators & Retailers

providing Subsidized Devices

Financial Service Providers like

Banks, NBFIs, and MFIs offering Cash Loans

Protective Measures for

Warehoused and In-Transit Devices

Datacultr Dashboard

Swiftly initiate and configure your complete device financing business on Datacultr within 48 hours.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate Datacultr with your existing CRM or Loan Management Systems, streamlining the entire loan process.

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Most common questions

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Datacultr employs sophisticated locking techniques to elevate loan comprehension, promote user involvement, and consistently initiate prompt payments, contributing to an improved overall financial experience.

Certainly! The lock can be customized to mirror your brand’s identity, addressing unique business requirements for a customized and unified representation that aligns seamlessly with your brand image and objectives.

Device Lock offers versatility by accommodating various payment options, including payment apps, wallets, and USSD-driven solutions, providing a broad spectrum of choices for users’ convenience in financial transactions.

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