Drive more Smartphone sales on your Paygo financing model!

Empower PAYGO financing with Datacultr’s innovative Phone Lock, compatible with all android smartphones. It increases loan approvals to the unbanked. Datacultr’s Impactful communication formats, educate underbanked customers and drive on-time payments, ensuring reduction in overall NPLs

Unlock the true power of PAYGO Financing for Smartphones

Drive On-time payments

Banks have achieved an overall 25% reduction in delinquencies

Reduced NPLs

Significantly reduce your overall non-performing loans (NPLs) by over 67%

Increase Collections

Enhance collection efficiencies to the tune of 400%

Social Impact

Bring social impact towards mid-low income people with easy access to a smartphone with Datacultr. It can help with:

  • Income generation: More income generation avenues with lipa pole pole smartphones to change the lives of the underprivileged.
  • Financial Literacy: Financial education increased via Datacultr’s visual engagement channels to build a robust credit profile
  • Empowerment: Awareness to avail of more financial services empowers the unbanked to be more self-reliant, active citizens

Signature Elements

Phone lock, compatible with all android smartphones,
across all brands

Offline Lock,
Scheduled Lock,
SIM Lock

Rich engagement that communicates directly with the device

Smart Reminder mechanisms to intimate customers of milestones & due dates

Digital interventions to nudge customers towards repayments

Works even when the device is offline

Boost digital inclusion with Pay-as-you-go financing for ALL

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never collect information about you without your explicit consent.

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