Extend BNPL to the New to Credit, Crush Payment Defaults

Datacultr’s advanced phone locking mechanism can propel your BNPL business into the huge ‘new to credit’ segment. The platform ensures on-time payments and lower’s defaults along with minimizing fraud. Rich engagement formats directly communicate with the customer on their devices, instead of calling a mobile Number, which often ends up as spam thus helping to increase your collections

Datacultr’s device as a collateral platform has successfully scaled business of South Asia’s top financing company by 6X

Key Metrics

Drive On-time payments

Banks have achieved an overall 25% reduction in delinquencies

Reduced NPLs

Significantly reduce overall non-performing loans (NPLs) by over 67%

Increased Collection Efficiency

Enhance collection efficiencies to the tune of 400% by lower operation costs.


Smart reminder alerts
to increase on-time payments

Device Locking to ensure missed payments are timely paid

Works across all Android brands with rich formats like video notifications, polls, etc. for engagement


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