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Accelerating inclusion everywhere

Datacultr makes smartphone into a tool for inclusion. We offer the under-previleged an easy access a smartphone and built in technology that allows them to do more in life. 

Datacultr’s is a Device a a Service for social impact organizations that believe in using the smartphone as the ultimate enabler for people to move up in life, be more productive and finally be included in the collective mainstream. 

Datacultr uses its Device as a Service platform to to reach out to the users in case of delays in meeting planned work and self employment goals and uses its technology to engage and nudge the user on the device to keep moving forward. 

Device Management

Datacultr offers a managed tailor made experience on a user’s experience for the duration they use the lent out device.

Predictive Fraud Management

Using Machine Learning, Datacultr identifies potential fraud by modelling changes in usage pattern.

Communication Digitization

Through programmable messaging & calling, that work even when the user is offline, out of coverage area or unwilling to pick up calls. Now no need to send SMSs or have your project officer knock on the door, everything is digitised.


moves the needle on enabling  inclusion

At Datacult we put together the entire ecosystem, our devices, our technology and your reach to the grassroots that help us make it a successful program for both the user and the social impact organizations we partner with. 

Datacultr is Safe, Secure &

Enterprise Grade

datacultr’s uses a combination of innovative messaging, machine learning and end to end device management to reduce the risk is giving out smartphones at the bottom of the pyramid .

Datacultr makes it a no-risk decision for you

Datacultr mitigates your risk with our Device as a Service platform, We own the device, we manage the supply chain, and our platform gives you unparalleled scale to reach out to users whom you would not have been able to touch. 

Managed via our proprietary platform that integrates with the device as well as with the Content Management Systems and CRM’s, we make it easy for you to focus on your key goals of spreading the knowledge and making it more inclusive for the less privileged.  

Multi Device Brand Support

Datacultr can integrate with all major brands available in the market. We have a portfolio of devices that are readily available and can be used straight out of the box. 

Automated Lifecycles

Is it already time to remind the user to check in with your project officer? Is it time for them to submit an update on their shop or small business? Did they buy the tools that they had promised to buy during the last check-in? Make it completely automated as per your processes and leave the heavy lifting to us. 

True Cloud Based

Easy integration with existing CMS and CRM systems via API’s but more importantly Datacultr is based in the cloud which means that you do not need to spend extra for setting up infrastructure or management resources. 


We Drive Incremental Sales

With Datacultr, OEM’s can now tap into a complete new ecosystem that was feature phone driven and bring them online but also into the Smartphone user fold.

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