Driving Innovation in
financial inclusion

Datacultr uses a Smartphone as a tool to provision affordable, accessible and relevant financial products to
individuals and small businesses that
have traditionally been excluded from the mainstream
financial products.
Datacultr’s innovative AI driven risk management technology, collections digitization platform & user behavior driven fraud prediction tool, provides answers to the most challenging questions financiers face, as they give loans to the ‘New to credit’. Now billions of unbanked and underserved people can afford a new smartphone by paying in easy installments and access micro-loans by providing the same smartphones as a virtual collateral

1.Risk Mitigation
via Device management

Datacultr offers AI driven templates, that the financier can deploy to influence debt repayment among the ‘New to credit’. Thus reducing default rates & NPAs

2.Collections Digitization

Financiers can reduce the cost of collections by implementing programmable messaging & calling, that works even when the user is offline, out of coverage area or unwilling to pick up calls

3.Predictive Fraud Management

Datacultr uses Machine Learning, to identify potential frauds by modeling changes in borrower’s smartphone usage pattern. Allowing financiers to take timely action

Datacultr Moves The Needle On Enabling Inclusion

Datacultr positively impacts overall loan approval rates, by reducing default rates and costs of collection. This opens up a huge opportunity for unbanked & underserved customers, who are able to get their first loan.

For these customers, such loans, which ride on Datacultr’s technology, begin their journey of building a robust credit score, enabling access to bigger loans in future

Datacultr Makes It A No-Risk Decision For You

Datacultr understands the needs and psyche of a ‘New To Credit’ customer, with tools & features in-built that ensure experiences positively impact the customer basis their life-cycle, attitudes, payment history & credit scores. The platform provides AI driven behavioral templates to the lender to ensure payments are on time and they are building a strong bond with the customer for life!

Datacultr further provides multiple fallbacks to ensure that the financier is always in control, even when the customer is offline, on a patchy network or when the SIM has been removed

Multi Device Brand Support

Datacultr can integrate with all major brands available in the market. We have a portfolio of devices that are readily available and can be used straight out of the box.

AI-Driven Lifecycles

Every customer is unique and has specific needs, they may be at different levels of financial evolution. Datacultr builds dynamic templates that help in effective lifecycle management, throughout the tenure of the loan.

True Cloud Based

Easy integration with existing CMS and CRM systems via API’s but more importantly, Datacultr is based in the cloud which means that you do not need to spend extra for setting up infrastructure. In case you want us on-premise, we could do that too.

Datacultr expands the market for the entire ecosystem

Datacultr brings the ecosystem together and ensures it’s a win-win for everyone- End Customer, Financier, OEM, Retailers & Mobile Operators



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