The Crucial Role of Risk Management Platforms in Smartphone Financing Riya kaushik March 26, 2024

The Crucial Role of Risk Management Platforms in Smartphone Financing

As we rely on smartphones in our daily routines, the growing demand for them has made smartphone financing more popular specifically in the “new to credit” and thin-file segments. Ensuring secure and smooth cellphone financing, requires the financier to have a robust risk management strategy and technology to back that strategy. These technology platforms play a key role in overcoming challenges that may arise during the financing process.

Risk Management Platform is a pre-requisite

Whether you are a financial institution, retail chain, or telecom operator, the Risk Management Platform provides you with a comprehensive system that is designed to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks associated with financial transactions, it analyzes various factors such as creditworthiness, payment history, and market trends to make informed decisions.

In today’s times, more people are choosing financing options to purchase smartphones, instead of paying the full amount upfront. This change in consumer behavior has raised the demand for risk management platforms. As per industry statistics, over 60% of individuals acquiring smartphones opt for device financing rather than making an outright purchase.

Device financing’s popularity is largely attributed to its flexibility. By enabling customers to spread the cost of their device over several months or years, it offers a more manageable way to plan finances. This is particularly attractive considering the current trend of high-end smartphones exceeding the $1,000 average cost. 

Therefore, the risk management platform acts as a safeguard against potential losses by implementing preventive measures and strategies to manage and minimize risks effectively.

Why smartphone financing is gaining traction?

Smartphone financing has gained immense popularity at the two extreme ends of the customer spectrum. At one end, due to the rising costs of flagship devices, consumers seek affordable ways to upgrade to the latest smartphones without a hefty upfront payment, while at the other end, first-time users from Mid-low income segments want to purchase an affordable, but durable phone. However, this surge in demand also brings about inherent risks for lenders.

Potential Challenges of Smartphone Financing

While smartphone financing offers numerous advantages, it also poses potential challenges

One significant concern is the risk of defaults and delinquencies. Without proper risk management measures, lenders may face financial losses if borrowers fail to meet their repayment obligations.

Additionally, fraud and identity theft are prevalent issues in the digital age. Unscrupulous individuals may attempt to secure financing using false information, creating a challenge for lenders to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent applications.

Challenges of smartphone financing

How Datacultr is Driving Innovation in Risk Management?

Datacultr is a Risk Management and digital debt collections platform, that enables lenders to reduce risk on ‘new to credit’ customers by binding the loan to their smartphones. Datacultr drives business by positively impacting on-time payments, higher collection efficiencies, and reduced NPLs.

Datacultr has different engagement formats which are used to directly communicate with borrowers and remind them of their due dates for payment.

The purpose of these engagement modules is to remind the customers about their pending payments and to motivate them to willingly pay on time.

If a customer is not willing to pay and is continuously defaulting, then Datacultr lets financiers restrict their access and remotely lock the device, this pushes the customer to go ahead and make the payment on time which results in reduced default rates.

Closing Thoughts

The importance of Risk Management Platforms or software in the realm of smartphone financing cannot be overstated. As the demand for affordable access to the latest technology continues to rise, the need for risk management becomes even more critical. By implementing advanced software solutions, staying connected with the customers, and reminding them to make payments on time can strike a balance between meeting consumer demands and safeguarding your balance sheet.

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