How Datacultr’s MOD and LOD can help in better Skip Tracing Riya kaushik May 24, 2024

How Datacultr’s MOD and LOD can help in better Skip Tracing


In the world of skip tracing, finding individuals who have gone off the grid can feel like chasing shadows. Traditional methods often rely on outdated information, leaving debt collection agencies feeling high and dry. But what if there was a way to access real-time mobile numbers, and location, giving you a direct line to your customer? Enter Datacultr’s Mobile Number On Demand and Location On Demand, premium features that are proving to be a game-changer in the skip-tracing landscape.

What is Mobile Number On Demand?

Mobile Number On Demand (MOD) is a customer consent-driven feature that fetches the latest mobile number(s), for a device enrolled through the platform, on request and provides access to the in-use mobile phone numbers associated with the customer’s device.

How Does MOD Help with Skip Tracing?

Traditionally, the updating of contact numbers has relied on public records, credit reports, and utility bills. While these methods can be effective, the information they provide can be outdated or incomplete. Here’s how Datacultr’s MOD aids skip tracing:

  • Increased Accuracy – There is nothing more accurate than the in-use mobile numbers, this significantly improves the likelihood of contacting the borrower. Now, every time a customer changes the mobile number, you can access it on demand
  • Enhanced Efficiency – In an industry that depends on the correctness of contact numbers and where only 20% of customers pick up such calls, Right Party Contacts (RPC) are key. MOD helps drive RPCs by ensuring your database always has the up-to-date contact number.

Beyond the Basics: The Advantages of MOD

Beyond the core benefit of acquiring mobile numbers, MOD offers several additional advantages:

  • Compliance – Datacultr prioritizes compliance by obtaining data ethically and legally, strictly adhering to data privacy regulations including GDPR. Our commitment to regulatory compliance ensures the protection of user privacy rights while fostering trust in our organization’s ethical practices.

  • Speed and Convenience – Instantaneous access to mobile numbers removes the necessity for time-consuming and expensive manual searches, simplifying the current procedure and enhancing efficiency. This streamlined approach ensures swift retrieval, offering collection teams unparalleled speed and convenience in obtaining contact information.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – MOD presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, which often demand multiple resources.
In the ever-evolving world of skip tracing, Mobile Number On Demand stands as a powerful tool. By providing access to real-time mobile numbers, MOD empowers our clients to locate individuals with greater accuracy and efficiency. As technology continues to advance, MOD is sure to remain a cornerstone in the collection team’s arsenal.
Location On Demand

Demystifying Location On Demand

Location On Demand (LOD) provides a customer consent-based, near real-time, or last known location of a customer’s enrolled device.

Problems Faced by Collection Agents Earlier

Earlier, financiers used to depend on the data gathered during the point of sale to deploy their Field Officers for collections in case of default. Problems faced by them were:

  • Incorrect or outdated address: Many times, the address that’s provided is either inaccurate or no longer current.
  • Borrowers not being available at their documented address: Even when the address is correct, borrowers may not be present, resulting in missed opportunities.

  • Unclear addresses: In some cases, addresses lack clarity, making it difficult for field agents to locate the intended borrower. This is compounded when only the address of the nearest post office is provided, leading to confusion and visit challenges.
  • Skip Tracing Gets a Datacultr Boost

    LOD injects a powerful dose of accuracy and efficiency into skip tracing. Here’s how it elevates the process:

    • Narrowing the Search Radius –  Imagine going from a pincode level search to a specific neighborhood – that’s the power of LOD. By pinpointing a potential location, our clients can virtually focus their efforts and resources, on better tracing.
    • Time is of the Essence – In skip tracing, speed is often crucial. LOD cuts out traditional legwork, potentially hastening resolution. This approach emphasizes efficiency, prioritizing swift outcomes in locating individuals.

    Beyond the Basics: The Advantages of LOD

    While the core benefit lies in location data, LOD offers additional advantages:

    • Increased Success Rates –  LOD offers a direct route to the customer, substantially boosting the likelihood of successfully tracing the individual. This streamlined method increases efficiency, maximizing the chances of locating the customer.

    • Reduced Costs – Utilizing LOD streamlines skip tracing, leading to decreased manpower and investigation/collection expenses. This efficient approach optimizes resource allocation, resulting in tangible cost reductions for organizations conducting tracing activities.

    The Future of Skip Tracing

    Location On Demand is rapidly transforming the world of skip tracing. By offering real-time location insights, LOD empowers our clients to work with greater accuracy, efficiency, and potentially, a touch less legwork. As technology continues to evolve, LOD is sure to become an even more indispensable tool in your collection toolkit, forever changing the game of finding those who have gone off the grid.

    Closing Thoughts

    Mobile Number On Demand (MOD) and Location On Demand (LOD) revolutionize skip tracing, providing real-time mobile numbers and location data. These tools enhance accuracy, efficiency, and safety while reducing costs, making skip tracing more effective, and driving up agent productivity.

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